The Connected Traveller

Advice, tips and tricks on turning your phone into the ultimate travel tool

  • Are you ready for your own eat, pray, love experience?

    Escape and just slow down, Canggu, combines the best of what thousands of Australian’s jet across to Bali to experience, beach, surf, rice fields and Instagram worthy smoothie bowls. Follow in our very own TravelSIM Australia’s Marketing Advisor Laura’s footsteps, as she shares her recent trips tips.
  • Bali Bliss: One week with TravelSIM insider Laura

    Our TravelSIM Insider Laura took off to Bali for Easter, a worldwide traveler, Laura shares with us her tips for a short and sweet Indonesian escape.

  • 5 Easter traditions around the world to explore on your overseas holiday

    For many Australian’s, Easter is time for replacing the 9-5 and school bell with Easter egg hunts and overindulging in chocolate Easter eggs – goodbye New Year’s Resolutions! Some countries around the world celebrate Easter with their own special traditions.
  • Best messaging apps when you travel

    Whether it be with your fellow travellers, or friends and family back in Australia, keeping connected when you travel is important. Before you take off for your European summer adventure, check out TravelSIMs guide on the best messaging apps when you travel.
  • Top 5 Spanish monuments you have to see

    Spain has always been a beloved nation to visit, but recent figures suggest it’s growing even more attractive for international tourists. If you’re one of them, it’s time to start planning your itinerary. In between the sangria, tapas and salsa dancing you’ll want to squeeze in a spot of sightseeing. We’ve picked our top 5 Spanish monuments you have to see when you’re on holiday to help you make the most of your time here.  
  • Why all travellers need to use offline maps

    I get lost regularly. I find that I eventually get to my destination, taking what I like to call, the scenic route. If you’re like me, you don’t mind being a little lost, finding spots you most likely would’ve missed if you were on the right track. Being very lost however, can be an anxious time.  In this day and age, smart devices, offline maps and the wonderful world of apps, there is no need to get lost anymore…unless you chose to.
  • How to maximise your data overseas, 5 tricks to using data roaming wisely

    Keeping the cost of connectivity down while travelling overseas can be tricky, so we have put together our top 5 tricks for using data roaming wisely.
  • Top 5 destinations for university students

    Travelling is an experience that everyone enjoys at any age. But if you are a uni student, there is no better time than semester breaks and gap years to go explore the world and learn things that you could never get from sitting in a class room.  For this purpose, here are our 5 top destinations for uni students.
  • Our Top 10 Birthday Traditions from Around the World

    Travelling is about discovering foreign places, learning new things and embracing the cultures and traditions of people you encounter on your journey, however unusual they may seem. As we are celebrating our 10th Birthday, here are our Top 10 Birthday Traditions from around the World.

  • Travelling overseas soon? Here's how to avoid the two biggest passport mistakes

    Having an unexpired passport seems like the obvious one, though did you know that most countries will deny you entry if you have less than three months left before your passport expires? Some up to six months!
  • How to use data roaming when you travel

    We live in an age where computers, tablets and smartphones are a part of our everyday lives. We can use the internet on-the-go to make dinner reservations, update our Facebook, check email and so much more! Using the net overseas can enhance your experience – data can transform your smartphone into a pocket-size tour guide for the road. It gives you access to maps, hotel reviews, insider tips and city info, yet so many of us are still afraid to use the internet when travelling in fear of ‘bill-shock’.
  • How to use Uber on your global adventures

    Gone are the days of hailing a ride, many travellers have taken to the Uber app to make their way around foreign cities and are cutting their transport fares in half. The company has drivers in cities across the globe including London, New York, Rome and many more destinations. It seems that Uber is revolutionising travel, not only on a domestic scale but internationally. With great new technologies incorporated into the app and fantastic pricing, it’s easy to see why so many travellers rave it. So here’s how you can use Uber to save on transfers and travel during your next overseas trip.