5 Easter traditions around the world to explore on your overseas holiday

Easter traditions

For many Australian’s, Easter is time for replacing the 9-5 and school bell with Easter egg hunts and overindulging in chocolate Easter eggs – goodbye New Year’s Resolutions! Some countries around the world celebrate Easter with their own special traditions.

From making an omelette for a whole village in France, to igniting a cart of fireworks in Florence, here are some Easter traditions that are you waiting for to try – your eggscape awaits!

Florence Easter

Blowing Up in Florence

Scoppio del Carro, a 350 year old tradition celebrated by locals and visitors alike. The ‘explosion of the cart’ as it’s also known, is an ornate cart, packed with fireworks that’s led by locals dressed up in colourful costumes, down the main streets of Florence, where the Archbishop of Florence lights the fuse.

Make sure you start your day early as there will be crowds filled with locals and tourists in the square. The festival begins on Easter Sunday at 10am in the Piazzo del Duomo, in the heart of the historic center of Florence.

UK Easter

One a Penny, Two a Penny, Hot Cross Bun – United Kingdom

Did you know the traditional hot cross bun was founded in Great Britain?

A sweet eaten and enjoyed all around the world – Hot cross buns were once reserved for the day of Good Friday only. These days, hot cross buns are sold throughout bakeries and supermarkets. The adorning cross upon the bun is symbolic in worship, marking the end of lent for Christians.

Great Britain has claimed stake to the founding of this sweet treat, with history dating back to the 1700’s.  Traditionally, this is a spiced sweet bun with currants or raisins.

What’s the hot in the buns? Well the famous nursery rhyme written in the 18th century takes care of this, ‘one a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns’. Although their cost has risen considerably over the years, hot cross buns have stayed the same.

If you are in London this Easter, make sure you visit the Borough Markets many bakeries full of freshly baked hot cross buns of all different flavours.

France Easter

Haux, France

Hope you like your eggs omelet style! If you are travelling through the South of France, make sure you make a pause in this tiny town of Haux, just don’t forget your fork. On Easter Monday, a gigantic omelet is served in the main town square to the villagers. Using approximately 15,000 eggs and feeding around 10,000 people. The tradition was said to have been started when Napoleon and his army who were travelling through the South of France, eating an omelette prepared by a local cook. Loving it so much he ordered the people to gather all the eggs and prepare a giant omelette for his army the very next day.

Corfu Easter


The Greeks just love smashing things and Easter is no different, in its traditions and celebrations. On the Greek Island of Corfu in the morning of Holy Saturday, the traditional ‘pot throwing’ takes place. Locals throw clay pots, pitchers and other wares out of their windows, smashing them on the streets. The origin of this Easter custom, is said to have dated back to the Venetians where locals used to throw old things away, in the hope that the coming year will bring fresh new things. Another, is the old pitchers would be thrown to be filled with fresh fruits, celebrating the upcoming Spring farming season. Of course, this tradition like the Greeks themselves, is louder and larger than life!

Overall, wherever you celebrate Easter in Greece, a Greek Orthodox Easter is a very deep-rooted family tradition in their calendar in a Greek’s calendar. A celebration that is by no means commercialized by vibrantly wrapped chocolate bunnies rather Church, lamb and red dyed eggs.

Germany Easter


Around the world Easter egg hunts are common, eggs are hidden throughout the garden and around the nooks of the house- but in trees? In Germany Easter Eggs are hung on the trees and displayed throughout the streets. Some trees have thousands of eggs on them for children and adults alike to enjoy. You may have heard about the beautiful traditional German Christmas markets, but marveling at their Easter markets (Ostereiermarkt) is another way to delve into the German local traditions and events.  Of course, featuring all things eggs, wander at the uniquely decorated eggs on display with their artists there to sell and answer any questions.

Wherever you are around the world we hope you have a Happy Easter, pause and reflect, enjoy the celebrations and of course eat copious amounts of chocolate! Do you want to stay connected when you travel through Europe? Pickup a TravelSIM and one of our great value Zone 1 data packs before you leave, to enjoy great rates. Learn more about our data and its available European countries here.

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