Best messaging apps when you travel

Whether it be with your fellow travellers, or friends and family back in Australia, keeping connected when you travel is important. Before you take off for your European summer adventure, check out TravelSIMs guide on the best messaging apps when you travel.


WhatsApp has been around a while now and is generally seen as the go to messaging app. It easy to set up, syncs with your phones contacts and delivers a simple to use and feature rich user experience that sees it remain as one of the most popular messaging platforms. WhatsApp will allow you to send photos, texts, voice and short video messages to other users of the app using only your mobile data.

Available for Android, iOS, & Windows

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger provides a decent online messaging service, but the real benefits of Facebook messenger lie in its convenience, compatibility and integration. The app integrates into Facebook’s existing chat network and allows you to chat to anyone with a Facebook account. Your Facebook account is used to log you into the app, making it super simple to set up, with all your Facebook friends already added as contacts. There is even a Messenger lite version intended for older Android phones that may not be able to handle all the latest features.

Available for AndroidiOS, & Windows

Best Messaging Apps


Snapchat first rose to fame as a fun, visual and cheeky way of communicating with friends and family. The limited duration of the snap chats and story mode structure ensure the content remains interesting and fresh.  It has become immensely popular in recent times as it has added an array of creative and quirky features such as funny filters, editing tools and personalised emojis. Snapchat can be a great way of showcasing your travels while away, with friends and family able to jump on and see your  previous 24 hours adventures as a fun and visual story.

Available for Android & iOS


Skype’s ability to perform as a simple and easy to use all in one communication app sees it make it on to our list. While better know for its video and voice chat capabilities, Skype also offers messaging functionality for its users. The app provides a simple interface without all the quirky features other platforms offer, though the simplicity can be refreshing. While Skype enjoys a fair amount of ubiquity, its not as prevalent as social media integrated platforms such as Messenger or SnapChat. Main advantages of Skype are its large existing user base and cross device compatibility.

Available for Android, iOS, Windows & Blackberry

Which one should you use?

The best messaging app for you will depend on your needs and compatibility with other users. All four of the apps above have been curated and chosen for our list as they excel in different areas. Looking for a reliable and easy to use app? Try WhatsApp. All your friends on Facebook? Messenger might be the most convenient solution for you. Love to be quirky and send lots videos and pics? Snapchat is definitely for you. Want a simple, all round platform for video, voice and messages with an already established user base? Skype is the one you need.

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