How to maximise your data overseas, 5 tricks to using data roaming wisely

Keeping the cost of connectivity down while travelling overseas can be tricky, so we have put together our top 5 tricks for using data roaming wisely.

1. Data tracking app

Make use of a data tracking app. Install an app like Onavo; it not only takes care of how much mobile data you use, it secures your personal details and can be set up with notifications to tell you when you’ve reached your pre-set limits. They can also conserve your data by compressing pages before displaying them.

2. Global Wi-Fi pass

Purchase a Wi-Fi network pass that gives you access to millions of Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide. WorldiFi offer 30-day passes that give you access to over 57 million hotspots in 120 countries. It automatically connects for the majority of devices and has no excess usage charges.

3. Avoid apps with ads

Don’t use apps with ads, as they will eat through your data. Many apps are offered for free so that they can bombard you with advertising and this additional content equals additional download. It’s worth doing a little survey of your apps before travelling and remembering to avoid those with ads.

4. Turn off updates

Smart phones are continually connecting to the internet, this guarantees your social media channels are always displaying the latest content. However, this also chews through your data. To reduce this, ensure you turn off your updates and then download when you have access to Wi-Fi.

5. Offline mapping

One of the highest uses of data when travelling is for maps. Getting lost in a foreign city is not fun however you don’t need to be data roaming to use a mapping app. There are heaps of brilliant offline travel mapping apps, our favourite is Maps with Me, which can be found in the TravelSIM app under location.

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