How to use data roaming when you travel

We live in an age where computers, tablets and smartphones are a part of our everyday lives. We can use the internet on-the-go to make dinner reservations, update our Facebook, check email and so much more! Using the net overseas can enhance your experience – data can transform your smartphone into a pocket-size tour guide for the road. It gives you access to maps, hotel reviews, insider tips and city info, yet so many of us are still afraid to use the internet when travelling in fear of ‘bill-shock’.

We don’t want you to travel in bill-shock fear or miss out on all of the great features and benefits that data roaming offers so we’ve compiled our top tips on how to keep costs low while using data roaming.

1. Understand data roaming

In order to use data to make your travels better, you first need to understand how it works. Data roaming refers to your phone’s connection to the internet with an overseas provider’s network. when outside of your home operator’s coverage area.

2. Be smart about how you use data

Avoid uploading or downloading large images or video files as these use more data than most internet activities. Use Google Maps and other apps that need a constant data connection to run in moderation.

3. Turn off data while you’re not using it

Switch off data roaming when you aren’t using it to stop any unexpected data usage. Most travellers don’t realise that our smartphones are constantly trying to update info and apps in the background. This does uses data and it means that you will incur charges for using the internet when you didn’t really intend to. . Get to know how to turn data roaming off on your device and turn data roaming off when you’re not actively using the internet.  You can also disable any automatic updates and push notifications that are setup for apps and email. By changing these settings on your handset you can avoid any unexpected extras. .

4. Use WIFI when possible

WIFI is usually free and can be accessed in places such as hotels, cafes, airports and shops. Using WIFI where you can will help you save on data costs. However, you should be aware that WIFI will be restricted to a certain area, not readily available wherever you go. Also, be mindful not to access sensitive information on your devices while logged into WIFI as in some cases these hotspots may not be entirely secure.

5. Grab yourself a TravelSIM

At TravelSIM we understand how important it is to stay connected online when you travel. We recognise how something as simple as accessing the net while you’re on the road can really enhance your experience. This is why we’ve introduced all-new data packs that provide even lower pricing on our already great data rates. What’s more, if you download the TravelSIM app you’ll have access to offline mapping which means you can navigate through foreign cities without needing data. Don’t get stuck in fear of bill-shock, check out TravelSIM here and get yourself prepared to redefine your next trip with data roaming.

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