Is your 3G/4G mobile phone or tablet compatible?

All modern mobile phones and cellular capable tablets are 3G, 4G or 5G and use either Micro or Nano SIM card sizes. All TravelSIMs are sent as a TriSIM which combines all 3 standard SIM card sizes into one easy-to-use card. Simply 'pop' out the size you need for your device. 

NOTE: Keep the rest of the SIM size parts in a safe place just incase you want to use your TravelSIM in a new device.

Is your mobile phone or tablet network unlocked?

What is network locking?

If your device was purchased with a network carrier plan (eg Telstra, Optus, Vodafone) there is a chance your device will be network locked. This means you can only use a SIM card from the network carrier your device is locked to.

How do I know if my device is locked?

This is easy. First, you need to know what network it might be locked to. If you're currently using it, it should say the network carrier name in the top left corner. To check if it's locked, insert a SIM card from a different provider and see if calls and text work. If you don't have another carrier SIM handy, you can get cheap SIM cards from most supermarkets or you can just borrow a friends for a few minutes.

How can I unlock my device?

If you device is network locked, you will need to request to have your device unlocked by contacting the network carrier it's locked to. This can often be done via a form on their website or a simple phone call.
NOTE: If your device is under 2 years old, there may be fees from the network carrier to unlock.

Get Started with TravelSIM

Step 1 Choose a TravelSIM Overseas Starter Pack

Step 1 TravelSIM Starter Packs


Pack Includes:

  • 2 x TravelSIM cards
  • $50 Overseas Credit to share5
  • Australian Mobile number for each SIM
  • Free SMS between TravelSIMs2
  • Free to receive calls in 180+ countries2


Pack Includes:

  • 1 x TravelSIM card
  • $25 Overseas Credit
  • Australian Mobile number
  • Free SMS between TravelSIMs2
  • Free to receive calls in 180+ countries2


To get started, you'll need a TravelSIM SIM card to put into your mobile phone! Choose between our TravelSIM Overseas Single Pack or our new TravelSIM Overseas Double Pack (Save 20%)

Step 2 Add extra Overseas Credit (Optional)

Step 2 Add Overseas Credit

$25 Overseas Credit
$50 Overseas Credit
$100 Overseas Credit
$200 Overseas Credit

Each TravelSIM Overseas Starter Pack comes with $25 Overseas Credit to get you started and you can top-up your account as you need. For a safer experience, we recommend purchasing credit and data packs while you are at home on a secure internet connection as FREE WiFi connections are hotspots for security violations.

Step 3 Add a Zone 1 Data Pack (Recommended for trips to Zone 1 countries)

Step 3 Add a Zone 1 Data Pack

1GB Zone 1 Data Pack
3GB Zone 1 Data Pack
5GB Zone 1 Data Pack
10GB Zone 1 Data Pack

Travelling to one of over 90 Zone 1 Countries? OurZone 1 Data Packs are incredible value, saving you over 80% on data usage costs when compared to our standard Zone 1 data rates. Our data usage calculator can help you work out how much data to buy.

It's free to send SMS between TravelSIMs and free to receive calls in all Zone 1 and 2 countries. 5 $25 Overseas Credit is added to each SIM during activation.