Critical Information Summaries

Get Started with TravelSIM

$40 Double Pack

  • 2 x TravelSIM cards
  • $25 Overseas Credit per SIM
  • Australian Mobile number for each SIM
  • Free SMS between TravelSIMs2
  • Free to receive calls in 180+ countries2

Step 1 Choose a TravelSIM Overseas Starter Pack

Step 1 TravelSIM Starter Packs

Includes: 1 x TravelSIM + $25 Overseas Credit


Includes: 2 x TravelSIMs + $25 Overseas Credit per SIM


To get started, you'll need a TravelSIM SIM card to put into your mobile phone! Choose between our TravelSIM Overseas Single Pack or our new TravelSIM Overseas Double Pack, with $25 Overseas Credit for each SIM.

Step 2 Add extra Overseas Credit (Optional)

Step 2 Add Overseas Credit

$25 Overseas Credit
$50 Overseas Credit
$100 Overseas Credit
$200 Overseas Credit

Each TravelSIM Overseas Starter Pack comes with $25 Overseas Credit to get you started and you can top-up your account as you need. For a safer experience, we recommend purchasing credit and data packs while you are at home on a secure internet connection as FREE WiFi connections are hotspots for security violations.

Step 3 Add a Zone 1 Data Pack (Recommended for trips to Zone 1 countries)

Step 3 Zone 1 Data Packs

1GB Zone 1 Data Pack
3GB Zone 1 Data Pack
5GB Zone 1 Data Pack
10GB Zone 1 Data Pack

Travelling to one of over 90 Zone 1 Countries? OurZone 1 Data Packs are incredible value, saving you over 80% on data usage costs when compared to our standard Zone 1 data rates. Our data usage calculator can help you work out how much data to buy.