Data Stretch

What is Data Stretch?

For the past 14 years, TravelSIM has been making travel better with constant innovation and product development.Here we go again!

In partnership with Syniverse, the world’s most connected company, TravelSIM introduce Data Stretch as a service to all mobile users who use TravelSIM.

This new data optimisation feature reduces data consumption so that mobile users can enjoy their data allowances going much further.

Data Stretcher is a service available for all mobile subscribers and available as part of the TravelSIM App

This is a new service to support the company’s mission to reduce the cost of using mobile phones when traveling overseas while maintaining a superior mobile data user experience. 

As a leader in mobile innovation, TravelSIM has partnered with Syniverse, in cooperation with Mobolize, to deploy this unique, on-device data management engine that controls the bit rate delivery speed of streaming video to right-size it for a mobile device. Additionally, the solution also caches popular content to further reduce data consumption and enhance data performance. These two data optimisation techniques enable up to 80% data savings. 

Syniverse deployed Data Experience Optimisation as an innovation to help achieve its mission to provide products and services that drive success for its partners. TravelSIM is first to market with this Syniverse and Mobolize solution. Data Stretcher is available to all prepaid TravelSIM®+ subscribers.

What is Data Stretch?

Data Stretch is an on device service that allows you to watch mobile video by reducing video streams to around 480p which looks great on your device and uses ¼ to ½ of the data compared to 1080p.

How does Data Stretch work?

Data Stretch uses a VPN to route video streaming data streams through a propriety server that requests lower bandwidth streams that are often indistinguishable from higher quality bandwidth streams on mobile devices.

Most mobile video is streamed in HD 1080p. Data Stretch works by reducing video streams to around 480p which looks great on your device and uses ¼ to ½ of the data compared to 1080p. All this is done on your device without the need of remote servers. 

How can I tell Data Stretch is working?

The application is working when you see either of these appropriate Android or iOS icons in the notification bar at the top of your device.
Android key symbol:
iOS VPN symbol:

Does Data Stretch impact my device battery?

The app uses very little battery. However, the operating system (OS) incorrectly credits the app for the battery usage of other apps, because the OS estimates battery usage based on how much data is sent/received by an app. When Data Stretch is installed, it will appear to the OS that it is responsible for all data usage when the app is optimising the actual data usage coming from other apps (YouTube, Instagram, etc.) you use. As a result, the OS is simply shifting the credit for data/battery usage from those apps to Data Stretch.