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Overseas Credit:
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Zone 1 Data:
${ gigabyte(phone.roaming_data.allocated_amount - phone.roaming_data.used) } N/A

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Local Data:
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Local SMS:
Unlimited ${ phone.local_sms.allocated_amount - phone.local_sms.used } remaining
Local Calls:
Unlimited ${ phone.local_voice.allocated_amount - phone.local_voice.used } mins remaining
International Calls:
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Data used

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International calls used

${ Math.min(100, Math.max(0, Math.ceil((phone.local_international_calls.used / phone.local_international_calls.allocated_amount)*100))) }%
of $${ phone.local_international_calls.allocated_amount }


Overseas Credit
$${ parseFloat(defaultPhone.overseas_credit.remaining.toFixed(2)) } left

Purchase Credit to use across all Zone 1 and Zone 2 countries.

Zone 1 Data
${ gigabyte(defaultPhone.roaming_data.allocated_amount - defaultPhone.roaming_data.used) } left N/A

Purchase Data only to use across all Zone 1 countries.

Enjoy over 80% more data across Zone 1 countries with Zone 1 Data Packs. Valid for 180 days from last recharge. Zone 2 data usage is deducted from your Credit.

Local Plan

Our Local Plans are for travellers.
From frequent flyers, to those of us dreaming or planning that once in a lifetime trip, our Local Plans reward you while at home to make travel better while you're away

See our Local Plans

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Overseas Credit
$${ parseFloat(defaultPhone.overseas_credit.remaining.toFixed(2)) } left
Zone 1 Data
${ gigabyte(defaultPhone.roaming_data.allocated_amount - defaultPhone.roaming_data.used) } left N/A

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