TravelSIM Customer Reviews

"Easy to set up, easy to top-up, easy to use, great rates."

by John on Mar-08-2018  

"Very user friendly, economic & efficient. I would not hesitate to recommend TravelSIM to any age group - I'm in my 70's & found it easy."

by Brenda on Mar-02-2018  

"The SIM card worked exactly as described as did the top up and credit available facility. A perfectly painlessly experience that I would recommend to everyone"

by Warwick on Feb-23-2018  

“A simple,

- Jennifer

"Whenever I made mistakes the texts came through with just the right information."

by Michael on Feb-02-2018  

"Love having free text messages between my daughter and I when we are both overseas. So easy to keep in contact with each other."

by Theresa on Feb-14-2018  

"Customer service was amazing and very helpful calling before the trip to make sure we were all ready to go. Thank you"

by Julia on Feb-09-2018  

“Excellent and
very useful
product while abroad”

- Rachel

"I am not good with technology but have found TravelSIM easy to use over the last four years and the instructions very clear. Easy to recharge and check balance, easy to make calls."

by Aloma on Oct-28-2017  

"Very helpful customer service agent did activation process -extremely important for the older less tech savvy - appreciated her patience & friendliness. Absolutely no problem using it in 2 of 3 countries & therefore don’t anticipate any for the third one."

by Celia on Oct-23-2017  

"Great product that is easy to use overseas. Even better for family and friends now you are using an Australian number and they only pay the cost of a local SMS"

by Geoffrey on Oct-22-2017  

Join over 400,000 TravelSIM customers 

and keep connected while you travel.

"Have been using this service for a few years and are very happy with it."

by Peter on Aug-22-2017  

"I have recommended the SIM to many of our travel friends who are charged a lot of money for using their Australian telco when travelling overseas. Many have not heard of the TRAVELSIM."

by Dinah on Aug-16-2017  

"Great product that is easy to use overseas. Even better for family and friends now you are using an Australian number and they only pay the cost of a local SMS"

by Craig on Aug-06-2017  

“Much better product
for overseas use
compared to my
regular telco”

- Peter

"The best overseas travel SIM if you plan to visit a number of different countries"

by Paul on Jul-30-2017  

"Really liked your being proactive and alerting me by text so that the service cd continue. Will use you again - a third time, next year. Thankyou."

by Barbara on Jul-13-2017  

"It is the best product I have ever purchased when travelling overseas so that I can keep in contact with loved ones."

by Christine on Jun-03-2017  

“The level of
customer service
is above and

- Elizabeth

"The free SMS to other TravelSIMs is a great feature. The iPhone App is EXCELLENT!"

by Royma on Mar-15-2017  

"We have used your TravelSIM for over 6 years and it has always worked, even in areas where other services wouldn't. It has proved invaluable!"

by Vanessa on Mar-13-2017  

"I introduced your roaming sim card to our organisation and we are all very happy with the sim card. The App dialing feature 'dial the number and we will take care of the international codes' is VERY GOOD. Thank you."

by Ian on Mar-11-2017  

Get Started with TravelSIM

Step 1 Choose a TravelSIM Overseas Starter Pack

Step 1 TravelSIM Starter Packs


Pack Includes:

  • 2 x TravelSIM cards
  • $50 Overseas Credit to share5
  • Australian Mobile number for each SIM
  • Free SMS between TravelSIMs2
  • Free to receive calls in 180+ countries2


Pack Includes:

  • 1 x TravelSIM card
  • $25 Overseas Credit
  • Australian Mobile number
  • Free SMS between TravelSIMs2
  • Free to receive calls in 180+ countries2


To get started, you'll need a TravelSIM SIM card to put into your mobile phone! Choose between our TravelSIM Overseas Single Pack or our new TravelSIM Overseas Double Pack (Save 20%)

Step 2 Add extra Overseas Credit (Optional)

Step 2 Add Overseas Credit

$25 Overseas Credit
$50 Overseas Credit
$100 Overseas Credit
$200 Overseas Credit

Each TravelSIM Overseas Starter Pack comes with $25 Overseas Credit to get you started and you can top-up your account as you need. For a safer experience, we recommend purchasing credit and data packs while you are at home on a secure internet connection as FREE WiFi connections are hotspots for security violations.

Step 3 Add a Zone 1 Data Pack (Recommended for trips to Zone 1 countries)

Step 3 Add a Zone 1 Data Pack

1GB Zone 1 Data Pack
3GB Zone 1 Data Pack
5GB Zone 1 Data Pack
10GB Zone 1 Data Pack

Travelling to one of over 90 Zone 1 Countries? OurZone 1 Data Packs are incredible value, saving you over 80% on data usage costs when compared to our standard Zone 1 data rates. Our data usage calculator can help you work out how much data to buy.

It's free to send SMS between TravelSIMs and free to receive calls in all Zone 1 and 2 countries. 5 $25 Overseas Credit is added to each SIM during activation.