TravelSIM hints and tips

Restart your phone every time you arrive in a new country.

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Why should I restart my phone?

Why should I restart my phone? When your phone is turned off and on again, it will always look for the strongest mobile signal to connect to. This helps you get better reception and a faster data connection.

PRO TIP: Our support team have mentioned that it's a great idea to restart your phone each day or anytime you're having technical difficulties.

It's FREE to SMS between TravelSIMs*

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Travelling with friends or family?

Did you know that you can SMS any TravelSIM from over 180+ Zone 1 and 2 countries for FREE? 

 It's a great idea to encourage friends and family that you're travelling with to grab a TravelSIM to help reduce the cost of staying in contact on your next adventure! It's also a great idea to leave one with someone you want to frequently SMS at home. 

 Using an iPhone with iMessage? 

For those people who are using an iPhone with iMessage, you'll need to turn off iMessage to successfully send a FREE SMS.

Download maps in an offline map app.

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Why should I download maps?

Did you know that there are apps available that let you download navigational maps for entire regions? This can be a great way to save on data usage and have instant access to fast, detailed navigational maps wherever you're travelling. 

 While Google Maps is a pretty popular option, we recommend

NOTE: Download using WIFI or with your Australian SIM to avoid using your Overseas Credit and Zone 1 Data Pack

You can call or SMS customer service if you need help with your TravelSIM.

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Save our international customer service number to your phone.

 If you need any assistance with your TravelSIM while you are travelling about the world, our customer service team and here, ready to help. It's FREE to call or SMS and they'll help you out or get back to you as soon as possible.

Turn off mobile data when in Australia.

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Why should I turn off mobile data in Australia?

Did you know that your TravelSIM will work in Australia? If you turn on your phone and pop in your TravelSIM before you depart, your phone will start to use your Overseas Credit and Zone 1 Data Packs. 

While this can be useful, if you wish to conserve your credit and data to use overseas, we recommend turning off your 'mobile data'. This will prevent unexpected usage of data before you depart. 

 Turn on Roaming Data when you're overseas

If you're overseas and you can't access the internet on your phone, you will need to to turn on your 'data roaming'. You can do this in the settings of your phone.

Download TV Shows, Movies and Music.

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Why should I download TV shows, movies and music?

Did you know that popular streaming apps like Netflix, Stan, Spotify etc have the ability to download media to view later without an internet connection?

This is a great way to save on streaming data usage and help pass the time when waiting on planes, buses or cruises especially if you are travelling with children. 

It's a great opportunity to load up your iPad with a couple of seasons of your favourite binge-worthy TV series. 

NOTE: We recommend downloading media on WIFI or your Australian SIM card to avoid using your Overseas Credit and Zone 1 Data Packs.  

Use your mobile data to avoid public wifi.

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Why should I use my mobile data?

Did you know that free public wifi is a known security risk area for having your private credentials and passwords stolen? To avoid this risk, we recommend using your TravelSIM's mobile data. 

If you want to use a second device, like a laptop or tablet, turn on your mobile phone's 'hotspot' or turn on data sharing. (Please consult your mobile device's user guide for instructions)

In a Zone 1 country? Grab a data pack!

Downloaded the TravelSIM app?

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Why do I need the TravelSIM app?

Did you know that the TravelSIM app is a quick and convenient way to check your remaining balance and top-up your Overseas Credit and Zone 1 Data. 

 In-fact, you can access everything in the app that is on the TravelSIM website! Download the TravelSIM app today!

Here's a list of things you might want to pack

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What sort of things should I pack?

We've asked our travellers what sorts of things they'd wish they packed for their overseas adventure. 

- Noise cancelling headphones 

- Spare phone charger 

- Portable battery charger 

- A powerpoint adaptor 

- A car phone mount - great if you plan to drive around. 

- Printed copies of all your identification, travel plans and bookings 

- A raincoat, poncho (lightweight and compact)

- A beach/tote/tour bag or backpack 

- Sunscreen 

If you have any other suggestions to add to this list, please let us know.