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Keep your customers connected & grow your business

TravelSIM is the travellers telco and there's plenty of travellers in Australia. 

In the last 12-months, Australians have made nearly 11 million overseas trips - many of those are likely to be your customers. 

With TravelSIM you can increase your customer base, compliment your existing products and services and ensure you can keep connected with your valuable customers wherever they are in the world. As a TravelSIM partner you’ll have access to exclusive partner offers to improve your customer relationships and grow your business.

What you get in every TravelSIM partnership:

- personalised onboarding to ensure our product works with your business offerings

- monthly sales and earnings report 

- monthly payout on all earnings for the previous month

- dedicated Success Manager to help you maximise your TravelSIM sales and integrate TravelSIM with your products and services

- special Partner only offers

What type of partnership suits you?

Reseller Partner

  • Sell and distribute pre-packaged TravelSIM product to customers through your online channels, sales reps, in-store & point of sale
  • Simple re-ordering of stock and product sales collateral 
  • Pre-purchase TravelSIM packs at an agreed wholesale rate with volume discounts

Referral Partner

  • Introduce customers to TravelSIM using our pre-designed digital collateral
  • Customers purchase via our website
  • Upfront and recurring commission 
  • Up to 25% commission on the initial sale 
  • 10% for ongoing purchases 
  • Get paid monthly for commissions against each SIM account referred by you

Integrated Partner

  • Developed for scale and customisation 
  • Suited to larger volumes and setups that require some technical and developer work
    Ideal for:
  • Adding TravelSIM to a packaged holidays 
  • Adding TravelSIM into your inventory system 
  • Automating TravelSIM sales from your system with our dispatch and fulfillment 
  • Group bookings and bulk custom orders

for the SIM that can change your world


Want to become a TravelSIM partner?

Awesome! Just fill out the form below and we'll get back to you ASAP. We will discuss how TravelSIM can best work for you and explain the simple steps to get you started.

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